How does Indigoblue Mortgage Investment Corporation work?

Introducing Indigoblue Mortgage Investment Corporation (IB MIC)

Indigoblue MIC originates residential 1st and 2nd mortgages from licensed mortgage brokers and agents. Indigoblue vets each mortgage request thoroughly with a particular emphasis on ensuring the borrower has the means to afford the mortgage loan they are taking on. The MIC further considers the marketability of real estate as well as condition of the property to ensure that the loans are backed up by highly marketable and quality real estate. The underwriting approach to each loan can be summarized by looking at a borrower’s income, credit and quality of real estate.

Investment Summary

Mortgage  Summary as at August 31, 2020

Offering Summary

Strategic Partners

1- Return data is based on the target annualized return of 7.00% and for illustrative purpose only.  Hypothetical or simulated performance is not indicative of future results

2- Borrowers without credit score are excluded from the calculation

3- Indigoblue MIC shares are sold via Exempt Market Dealers to investors who are accredited investors or are otherwise exempted

What is the difference between a mutual fund and investment in a MIC?

While mutual funds offer diversification and thus lower the overall risk, the underlying assets namely stocks can and do fluctuate. Investment in a MIC generally provides more consistency as the dividends are paid at regular intervals (Monthly for Indigoblue MIC). Indigoblue MIC for example is committed to 7.00% target return and will pay dividends monthly after we receive the investment funds.

What is the difference between investing in a MIC and privately lending money yourself?

Lending money privately to a borrower can be a risky proposition. MIC managers have spent decades in the mortgage and real estate industry and are highly attuned to spotting transactional risks that may exist, rendering a loan highly risky. In addition, MIC spreads invested funds over many transactions thus providing further diversification and lowering of the risk.

Why Invest with Indigoblue MIC?

Indigoblue MIC is founded upon three fundamental principles; Stewardship, Consistency and Service. These three pillars ensure that our investors are protected while benefiting from above average returns with consistency. The chart below profiles the performance of Indigoblue MIC.

How do I invest with Indigoblue MIC?

You can inquire about investing in Indigoblue MIC by sending an email to Indigoblue Capital Corporation at

Is Indigoblue MIC fund RRSP and TFSA eligible?

Yes Indigoblue MIC is RRSP and TFSA eligible. In addition it is eligible for (RRIF, RESP, and LIRA)


The Investor Information Package should be read in conjunction with the Indigoblue MIC Offering Memorandum (the “Offering Memorandum”) dated June 1, 2017 or subsequent revisions thereto. The projected return on investment is targeted at 7.00% per annum. The information contained in this material is not intended as a recommendation directed to a particular investor or class of investors and is not intended as a recommendation in view of the particular circumstances of a specific investor, class of investors or a specific portfolio. You should not take any action with respect to any securities or investment strategy mentioned herein without first consulting a dealing representative in order to ascertain whether the securities or investment strategy mentioned are suitable to your particular circumstances. This information is not a substitute for obtaining professional advice. This material is not, and under no circumstances, is to be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. This material is not intended nor does it constitute tax or legal advice. Readers should consult their own lawyer, accountant or other professional advisor when planning to implement a strategy. Said material and any commentary are subject to change without notice and is provided in good faith but without legal responsibility. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Indigoblue Capital Corporation, Indigoblue MIC, Indigoblue Management Corporation are owned and managed by the same principals and Private Matters Today ​is edited by Harry Singh, who is also President & CEO of Indigoblue Group of Companies and the Ultimate Designated Person for Indigoblue Capital Corporation.

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